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Business registered in the Cayman Islands - convenience and procedure



Significant taxation and close monitoring by the inspection bodies are the reasons why business development in many countries is tough. Companies simply go bankrupt before they have time to reach the desired level of profit, or cannot develop due to high taxes.

Offshore business is an option that allows legally to reduce the tax obligations and in a short time to develop a profitable international business. The Cayman Islands company formation is a very popular jurisdiction, as it provides attractive conditions for offshore companies.


Cayman Islands is the perfect place to create an offshore company


The Cayman Islands are under UK jurisdiction, but tax conditions for non-residents of the country are ten times easier than in Europe. A small island state can offer the following benefits to entrepreneurs interested in reducing the tax obligations:


  • Full exemption of offshore business from taxes;
  • No need to prepare annual and accounting reports;
  • Lack of audit requirements for offshore companies;
  • Average size of the authorized capital of companies is 50 thousand dollars;
  • Minimum requirements to the number of directors and shareholders of a company - just one person is enough.


Also among the advantages of the Cayman Islands company formation you will get an ability to manage business from anywhere in the world. There are more than 250 banks operating in the state, and in most of them, the owners of offshore companies can open corporate accounts. Since the Cayman Islands are controlled by the UK, English remains the official language here - this makes it easier to learn legislation and create a business in the country.

An additional advantage is the simple business registration procedure. In order to proceed with the Cayman Islands company formation, it is enough to provide copies of registration documents with notarization, attach a copy of the agreement charter between the founders, as well as provide the names and addresses of managers. Moreover, the Cayman Islands company formation is famous for its good reputation in the business world - such legal address will contribute to successful development of your business.


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Новости Авторы Проза Статьи Форум Карта
О проекте Цитаты Поэзия Интервью Галерея Разное
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